Our Faery Lore

Our Fary Lore

It is not an easy matter, understanding the quiddity of Faery. Attempting to understand by tracing origins of the Fae is problematic…there being as many divers roots to our tree as there are divers branches…so the aspirant must understand multiple philosophical essences, to arrive at a personal quintessence of understanding the quiddity of Fae.

Some Basic Elements

Most of what we understand as the organized structure of the Fae involves the cultural transition of certain ancient Beings of power, from consideration and status as Deities, to that of
divine and magical personeas.

There have been countless instances of these transitions, to greater and lesser extents, throughout the course of the linear reckoning of time.

The advent of Christianity can be seen as an example of such a transition, being a period when the separation was reinforced and intensified, between the conceptual material world of linear time and that of the Fae realm.

However, this process of separation is more concisely based on the proliferation and expansion of the mortal Human species, and it’s innate cultural and social identity.

As Human civilization has evolved, become more complex, and become more entrenched in the observable material realm, ties and access to the realm of Fae have become marginalized and often eradicated.

Quidditity of the Dimensional Fae Realm and It’s Access

The most recognizable ways for mortals of the material realm to sense and access the realm of Fae are resonant nodes of loci, dreaming, and magical or induced trance states.

Resonant nodes of loci exist as constant locations, which function as portals between the material realm and the realms of Fae ,as well as other spiritual and immaterial realms . Such loci perhaps offer the easiest point of access to these alternate realms, but unfortunately they also suffer from ease of disruption. Some have been disrupted by interference of their resonance, rendering them ineffectual as portals. Others still exist, yet access has been impeded by material blockage. Those loci which remain accessible and in resonance are often regarded with fear, and sometimes misinterpreted as to their function.

Dreaming remains a viable and active form of access, though most mortals are ignorant or incapable of consciously utilizing it as a portal. The dream experience is usually dismissed as something unreal, due to the incongruent appearance of the corporeal body remaining in the material realm. However, actual reality in the realm of Fae, as well as in many other spiritual and immaterial realms, is based on various states of dreaming, with the corporeal form existing superfluously.

Magical and induced trance states, occurring spontaneously or by design, can function as an access to the realm of Fae as well as other spiritual and immaterial realms. These states, though similar to the dream state, retain a more conscious frame of thought, though they offer no innate insurance control over the experience.

The Fae realm itself exists in similarity to a harmonic set of frequencies, within which various tonal splendors may be experienced as unique realms of frequencies unto themselves. With the overall harmonic flux of the Fae realm being incomprehensibly and overwhelmingly complex, gateways of portals are often associated with such particular realms of frequencies .

Initial access and entry to certain portals of the Fae and other spiritual and immaterial realms may be daunting or impossible, for the average mortal of the material realm to achieve. However, once outside of the material realm, travel between harmonic experiences may become much easier to achieve.

Except in situations of imposed restriction to access gateways, most all Faekinde seem to have the ability to enter the material realm in some fashion. However their apparent form, abilities and powers are often affected by the difference in vibration between the respective realms.

Cycles of Existence in the Fae Realm

Time, birth, life, death..all are different in the Fae realms, than in the material realm. Discrepancies in the perceived elapse of time are often observed by mortals, regarding travels between the realms. This is due in part to the nature of physics operating at various points of access, which can compress or stretch time. Also contributing to the altered sense of time is the ageless nature of the denizens of Fae and the suspension of mortal aging by the consuming the nourishment of the Fae. A traveler to the Fae realm must be clever in selecting his point of entry to the Fae realm, and his exit thereof. The results may manifest as a long time spent in the realm of Fae, relative to a short time away from the material realm..or the opposite of that effect. Fae have been known to punish mortals by purposely employing this discrepency as a devise.

Conception and birth in the Fae realm is not bound to sexual union, neither does the development of the offspring always occur in the same manner as that of mortals. Actual conception results as part of an encounter during a dreaming or daydream state, either between two Fae or between a Fae and other races. The process may or may not be stirred by a sexual union, sometimes occuring from a spontaneous unplanned interaction. Whatever the case, this sort of interaction produces a particular sort of vibrational energy which is absorbed by near by Sprites which, though they have a sense of conciousness, do not in their primary form have any discernable intelligence. When Sprites absorb this dream energy, they become charged with potential to develope into Fae beings. Those who happen to be in an area condusive to developement, may indeed continue to do so. those who are not in a condusive state simpley lose their charge and return to their primal state. The offspring may develop in any number of ways, being influenced by the nature of various circumstances. The developing proto Fae may become established in any naturally occuring developing form, such as the chrysalis of a butterfly, a swelling peapod, within the casing of a walnut shell, or perhaps a robin’s egg, however unions between Fae and mortal females invariably result in a typical pregnancy, since the ovae of Human females contain the Human equivalent of a Sprite. Due to the nature of conception, there is no recognized blood lineage withing the realm of the Fae. Offspring are born and cared for in the Nursery, and are nurtured by all denizens of the Sidhe. Upon a certain level of maturity, the young Fae becomes eligible for adoption into a branch of the Sidhe family. At this point the they must gain the vouching from a sponser and begin a process to prove their worthiness to be accepted into a Household. The Houshold association is the onlyrecognized familial association other than the extended kinship of the entire Sidhe.

The Fae, while in their realm have no need for sleep, food, drink, elimination of wastes, or sexual concourse, though they will engage in these activities out of choice. Mortals, while in the Fae realm, receive no such alleviation to their needs and drives. The Fae, upon entering the material realm, quickly succumb to the same needs and requirements as mortals, though much of their Fae nature is maintained as long as they attend to these needs

The Fae are immortal, remaining ageless and undying , by human reckoning. They may, however, change by affection and affliction. They are woundable, and have been observed to lose the ability to maintain their form, being altered temporarily or permanently. In some situations they are unable to remain within the frequency of their home and must migrate to alternate frequencies.

How The Aeldred Relate to the Fae

Perhaps the greatest influence on the realms of Fae came by way of the Tuatha De Dannan when they permanently moved their kingdoms from the material realm into those hidden regions. They brought with them an intricate culture, with a sublime sense of order which earned them the distinction as the ruling class amongst Faekinde. Because of their late departure from the material realms, they had much in common with mortal human cultures, and they continued to have contact with mortals in their comings and goings, and occasionally begetting offspring into the human race. So it was with a certain ancestor of the Aeldred, born half Fae who, though she showed no physical difference to other mortals except that of her incredible beauty, carried the lineage of the Fae in her blood and was wedded into the mortal family of Aeldred.. Though the truth was never completely known, there were clues to the nature of the truth, as well as strange auguries and portents about the family…certain gifts, such as the Sight were evident, as well as those who could converse with plants and animals. Every generation a certain Noble and attendant entourage would pay a visit to the heirs of the family and to bestow blessings and advice.Then came a terrible and unexpected invassion which dessimated and bliterated the Aeldred family, except for one young boy, who escaped into the forrest.after much long wandering he came into the area of a resonant node loci and stumbled into the Fae realm. The Sidhe where he entered had been abandoned by it’s original Fae denizens and left to their half Fae progeny

Our Faery Lore

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