Welcome to our Mythos.

I would like to point some things out.

My idea for a Role Play milieu, centered on creatures of Faery, though not prompted by any other specific mythos, none the less has similarities and direct references to other sources.

The main inspiration is drawn from historical accounts, whether actual or legendary, concerning the Fae. Much of my initial original material was inspired and influenced directly from these sources.

There was also inspiration by modern writers of fiction, especially concerning their interpretation of the qualities of the Fae and their realms, though none of these fictional concepts served as the basis or overal framework of my mythos.

After establishing much of my concept I decided to look through various existing RP concepts regarding the Fae. What I found, rather surprising, is that some of my initial concepts have already been utilized and integrated into established gaming systems. Though I at first found this unsettling, I eventually realized that this phenomenon is partially due to a semi finite number of descriptive terms, as well as a number of terms that already relate to these concepts, which are rooted in the Human subconcious. I made the decission that I would not work around these existing games, that I would continue developing as I had been, drawing inspiration and referencing directly to alternative systems.

As a result, the seasoned reader and RP gamer will notice various similarities between our and other existing Mythos, as well as what might be perceived as “discrepencies”, so I would like to remind those who are involved that Aeldredwood is a unique reality and system, and is exempt from the boundries of other worlds.


JohnyBroadmoor Avigdor